Zakat Mcqs In Urdu Pdf

Zakat Mcqs In Urdu Pdf

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Zakat mcqs in urdu pdf Download. zakat mcqs in urdu-zakat mcqs in urdu-Search Results Zakat Islamic Studies MCQs for Exams Preparation-zakat and ushr act mcq pdf. Islamiat mcqs pdf in urdu, Islamiat mcqs pdf download, PPSC islamiat mcqs pdf, Islamiat mcqs for SST test, Battles of islam mcqs pdf, Fasting mcqs pdf, Hajj MCQs pdf, Quran MCQs pdf, Ummul momineen MCQs pdf, Zakat Mcqs pdf. The Nisab of Zakat in gold is 7 Tolas.

The Nisab of Zakat in Silver is 52 Tolas. The original name of Imam Bukhari is Muhammad Bin Ismail. Qurbani (Holy Slaughtering)is made during Hajj at Mina. Jami-i-Quran is taken for Hazrat Usman (RA). Pious-Caliphate lasted for about Thirty Years. Gathering on Arafat during Hajj is made on 9th Zil Hajjah. Zakat MCQs in Islamiyat 1. Zakat means to purify. 2. Zakat was made obligatory in 2. A.H. 3.


/2 is the nasab of gold and /2 tolas for silver. 4. Injunction of utilization of zakat is in Surah-al Tauba. 5. Number of heads for distribution of zakat are 8.

6. Zakat mentioned along with Namaz in the Quran 22 times. 7. 5 Camels, 40 goats, 3 cows and buffaloes are nisab for zakat. 8. 1/10 is. Important Urdu MCQs from Past papers of PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CSS Download PDF, Solved Urdu MCQs for NTS, PPSC, OTS, CSS. Urdu MCQs Book with Answers taken from past papers for Public Service Commission. Question Answer Sonnet kitnay misron per mushtamil sinf e sukhan hai?

14 Shaiyiri mein “shakhsiat ki nafi” ka tasawwur kis maghribi [ ]. All Important MCQs about Zakat Important Islamiyat MCQs for CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS, FPSC and all other relevant Competitive Exams True and honest teaching of Islam can change an ordinary person into a better human being and subsequently create a peaceful society Welcome to CSS Times Important Islamiyat MCQs Series.

Today we are sharing some [ ]. This PDF ppsc MCQs URDU pdf download for lecturer Jobs entry tests. Most important MCQs by sohail bhatti guide URDU general knowledge questions with solved Objective type Question Solutions. URDU MCQs PDF Guide For Exams Entry Tests: Learn online here important past papers NTS, PPSC, CSS, PMS, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC and other entry tests question answers online with quiz tests on.

Here is the list of Zakat Islamic Studies MCQs for the preparation of Fpsc, Kppsc, Ppsc, Kppsc, Spsc, Bpsc, Nts, IB, FIA, PMS, CSS and other competitive exams of different jobs. You can also prepare Zakat Islamic Studies MCQs for general knowledge. What is Zakat in Islam - Find information about Zakat in Urdu, with detailed articles written by famous scholars - Who is eligible for Zakat and what are the Masail of زکوة.

Read the most authentic information with complete references of Hadees and Books. Islamic Studies One Paper MCQs Zakat literally means Purification. Zakat is the 3rd fundamental pillar of Islam?

When Zakat was made compulsory? 2 A.H Who said that there was no difference between Salat and Zakat? Hazrat Abu Baker (R.A) How many times the word Zakat occurs in the Holy Quran? 32 Caliph_____did Jihad on the issue of [ ]. Solved MCQs of Islamiat PDF. dxkt.skechersconnect.comm is kissing of Hajr Aswad. has 2 major sects. are 5 fundaments of Islam. types of faith. Articles of faith. means the recitation of Kalima. is an old name of Islam. institution of Islam is Suffah. Mahar in Islam is fixed only misqal. Ijma means ageing upon any subject. Qayas means. Zakat MCQs page consists information about Zakat distribution, Zakat obligatory date, Zakat one of fundamental in Islam, Types of Zakat. Number of people in zakat. 1. The rate and method of distribution of Zakat was determined at Madina in?

A. 1 A.H. B. 2 A.H. C. 3 A.H. D. 5 A.H. View Answer Answer: B. 2. If a person has _____ gold Zakat is payable.


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6 1/2 tolas. B. 7 1/2 tolas. C. 8 1/2.

Zakat Islamic Studies MCQs For Exams Preparation

ZAKAT MCQS • Zakat means to purify. • Zakat was made obligatory in 2. A.H. • /2 is the nasab of gold and /2 tolas for silver. • Injunction of utilization of zakat is in Surah-al Tauba.

• Number of heads for distribution of zakat are 8. • Zakat mentioned along with Namaz in the Quran 22 times. • 5 Camels, 40 goats, 3 cows and buffaloes is nisab for zakat.

• 1/10 is the. Urdu Past MCQs Notes Papers, Punjab Public Service Commission Urdu Past MCQs,Sindh Public Service Commission Past MCQS, Balochistan Public Service Commission Past MCQS Papers,Khyber Pakhtunkhaw Pulic Service Commission Past Papers MCQs, National Testing Service Past MCQs Urdu,Urdu MCQs for Pak Army Navy PAF ISSB Tests Exams,Urdu Quiz,Tests,Urdu Questions with.

Pakistan Studies MCQs With Answers In Urdu PDF. URDU Mcqs; Home. General Knowledge MCQs. Zakat system was introduced in Pakistan in_____? Zakat system was introduced in Pakistan in_____? A. B. C. D. Submitted by: Manzoor ahmed. In Pakistan, the system of compulsory collection and distribution of Zakat and Ushr began in with an ordinance decreed by General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq calling for a %. ISLAMIC STUDIES MCQS QUIZ. Islamic Studies Mcqs, Islamic mcqs Online Quiz through which Students and Job Seeker can prepare for their Job Test/ Educational Test.

islamic studies mcqs for nts, islamic studies mcqs pdf, islamic studies mcqs for nts pdf, islamic studies mcqs online test, islamic studies mcqs in urdu, islamic studies mcqs css forum,islamic studies mcqs quiz. Zakat keeps wealth in circulation and thus it benefits the whole society. The holy Prophet (SAW) advised his companion Mua’az bin Jabal, while he was proceeding to Yaman “to teach them that Allah has made it obligatory for them to pay the Zakat from their property and it is to be taken from the wealthy among them and given to the poor”(16) Thus Zakat helps a lot in decreasing poverty.


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Solved MCQs Urdu Book with answers Pdf Download Past Papers This Solved MCQs Urdu Book with answers is for SS, Lecturers, Educators, SSE Urdu & All Urdu related Tests of PPSC, FPSC and NTS. Article by Hoorain Mohsin.

Online Registration Form Job Test General Knowledge Book Islamic Information Past Papers Islam Facts Free Pdf Books This Book Ss. More information. islamic studies mcqs zakat islamic studies mcqs for exams preparation.

islmiat multiple choice questions mcqs in urdu prepare. solved papers amp mcqs archives css books point. islamic studies mcqs ebook.

islamic studies mcqs quiz. mcqs of islamic studies home facebook. css solved papers islamic studies mcqs. islamiyat islamic studies mcqs fpsc nts kppsc ppsc exams. islamic studies mcqs. URDU Mcqs; Home. Islamic Studies Mcqs. How many times order for Zakat came in Quran? How many times order for Zakat came in Quran? A. 20 times B. 32 times C. 40 times D. 42 times. Zakat literally means Purification.

Zakat is the 3rd fundamental pillar of Islam? When Zakat was made compulsory? 2 A.H; Who said that there was no difference between Salat and Zakat? Hazrat Abu Baker (R.A) How. On This Site You Will Learn Online Solved MCQs For Entry Tests, Class Exams, Past Papers Exams PDF Notes and 5th To Master Classes Chapter Wise Notes For All Pakistan Boards In PDF. If You need for MCAT, ECAT, NAT, GAT, MDCAT, Jobs Tests and Interviews For PPSC, CSS, PMS And Any other Testing Services Preparations.

You can study Learn With Online MCQs Quiz Tests With Solved. Here are complete Islamiat Notes for 9th class in Urdu Medium. The notes are in PDF. These notes contains Aurah Anfal Translation, Ahadees Notes, MoZoati mutaliah. All components MCQs, Short questions and long questions. These notes are for all punjab boards. 10th class Urdu MCQs and Objective notes solved.

This page has only the link to download MCQs notes and important mcqs and objective notes for class 10 for Punjab board and FBISE. Prepared by: Nauman Sadaf. I give credit of making these notes to sir Nauman Sadaf for his struggle and hard work.

10th class Important MCQs solved pdf download. ISLAMIC STUDIES MCQS A. fitrana B. Sadqa C. Zakat D. None of These In which Hijri year Zakat was imposed? A. 2 Hajri B. 3 Hajri C. 4 Hajri D. 5 Hajri On which of the follwing Zakat money can be spent? A. Parents B. Poor Muslims C. Non Muslims D. None of Them Falqaram (Nisab) for Camel is_____ Camels? A. 4 Camels B. 5 Camels C. 8 Camels D.

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10 Camels What is falqaram for. This MCQs For All Exams and Job, Employment Test.

District Zakat Officer PPSC Past Paper 2012 - Past Paper

Chance to Student to Improve Their Skills. Chance to Student to Improve Their Skills. Surah of Qur'aan, Zakat, Sahihain, Jehad, Masha ar-ul-haram, embraced islam, islamiat solved mcqs, hire aswad. These MCQs are categorised as Before Creation i.e.

and History after Independence till You will find all type of MCQs from general basic to these MCQs are in English language, we are improving ourself and soon these will be available on this forum in urdu too. Pakistan Studies MCQs provided here are best for preparation of all types of online and offline tests.

If you. Solved Papers amp MCQs Archives CSS Books Point. Islamic Studies MCQs in Urdu eBook. MCQs for Islamic Studies CSS Forums. Islamic Studies Mcqs Hajj Umar scribd com. Pakistan Islamic Studies Test Part 1 Online Mcqs Practice.

Islamic Studies MCQs The Holy Quran Part II Askedon. Islamic Studies MCQs Home Facebook. Download Islamic Studies Mcqs in Pdf PakMcqs. Islamic Studies General. English to Urdu Sentences; Important English Sentences in Urdu; Vocab for Academic & Competitive; Grammar & Vocabulary Books PDF.

E-Library. Articles. Law Points; World C-A; Pakistan C-A; Economy C-A; Technology C-A. CSS Suggested Reading; Grammar & Vocabulary Books PDF; PPSC/FPSC Books & Notes; General PDF Books. Find Jobs. JOBS; Career. nts test mcqsnts test mcqs pdf, nts test mcqs with answers pdf, nts test mcqs with answersnts test mcqs online, nts test mcqs with answers   MCQs of Zakat and Usher Ordinace. Respected Hafiz Ishtiaq Ahmed,Maha Khan and other fellows preparing for the post of District Zakat Officer(BPS),if anyone has prepared MCQs type questions of Zakat & Usher Ordinance then please share as it will be helpful for other.i will be thankful if any of you paste here the MCQs.

Regard _____ ALI DA Malang #2 Wednesday. Studies MCQs In Urdu EBook. Islamic Studies MCQs Quiz 1 SOLVE MCQs ONLINE. Islamic Studies MCQs Notes PSC GK Multiple Choice. MCQS Of Islamic Studies Home Facebook. Islamic Studies MCQs Pdf For FPSC PPSC Tests Jobify Pakistan.

Hajj Islamic Studies MCQs For Exams Preparation Easy Go. Zakat Islamic Studies MCQs For Exams Preparation. MCQs For. Take a test of urdu NTA NET, urdu quiz questions and answers, pakistan quiz questions answers in urdu, pakistan general knowledge mcqs with answers,general knowledge questions and answers, easy general knowledge questions and answers.

Past Paper of District Zakat Officer (BS17), in Zakat & Ushr Department. Exam conducted by Punjab Public Service Commission. It can give you some useful information regarding entry test. These Past Paper MCQs can also help you to prepare NTS, OTS, PTS, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, AJPSC and other types of entry test exams. Islamic studies multiple choice questions (MCQs) in Urdu language Page The following quizzes are from basics of Islam religion and the history of Islam.

Some questions are also from Quran and Sunnah, and from basic Islamic concepts. There are 10 Islamic study questions on each page and the answers are given after each 10th quiz. So today's we are going to read the General Knowledge in Urdu. I worked really hard on this. And focus to share unique and important information.

Which are true and also helpful for students in exams, admission test and jobs employment test. Kindly for your information the some jobs test in Urdu. The following all question I have get form reliable source and day by day upload new question Keep. Importance of zakat in Islam | Zakat (poor due) and its impacts. Among the fundamental tenets of Islam Zakat occupies a place next in importance only to belief and Salat.

As one would say, it is third pillar of Islam. At numerous places in the Quran, Zakat has been associated with Salat. The Quran categorically states that whoever wants to enter the brotherhood of Islam, shall have to.

Download PDF MCQs and Ebooks; Zakat’s Nisab is? – by Admin 0)2 percent on 7 tola gold or 70 tola silver b) percent on tola or tola silver ️ ️ c)3 percent on 6 tola or 59 tola silver d)none. Share this Mcqs ; Posted in: Legal Inspector Previous Post: Hazrat Muhammad(PBUU) migrated from Makkah to Medina in?

Next Post: Torat was revealed to which prophet. Chapter 4 – Zakat. Chapter 4 – Zakat. Post author: Author; Post published: Octo; Post category: Class 9 Islamiat Notes; Post comments: 1 Comment; Share –(Multiple Choice Questions)– –(Short Questions)– –(Long Questions)– 9th Class Notes Links: Physics Notes – Full Book PDF; Mathematics Notes – Full Book PDF; Biology Notes – Full Book PDF; Chemistry Notes.

On the other hand MCQS portion has turned around as nuisance for the candidates. It becomes so difficult to have inconsequential to foremost information to clear MCQS Portion. I have tried my level best to gather maximum information (objectively) to make the path easy.

The CSS Point Note: All contents of information in this document is being gathered from the. Zakat has always been a priority subject with us at the Centre for Research in Islamic Economics, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah. Besides the papers on zakat included in the proceedings of the First dxkt.skechersconnect.comence on Islamic Economics, published under the titles Studies in Islamic Economics () and al Iqtisad al Islami () the Centre has also published Fatawa al Zakat ( We are offering complete platform to prepared the mcqs online test of english, general knowledge test online quiz Pakistan,online mcqs test for nts, mcqs test preparation, online test preparation, general knowledge mcqs, english mcqs, pak study mcqs online test, gk quiz, pakmcqs islamiat quiz, general knowledge quiz, mcqs computer quiz, general knowledge mcqs in urdu, everyday science mcqs.

mcqs quiz 1 solve mcqs online. download islamic studies mcqs in pdf pakmcqs com. zakat islamic studies mcqs for exams preparation. islamic studies mcqs ppsc spsc nts fpsc css pms mcqs. islamiyat islamic studies mcqs fpsc nts kppsc ppsc exams. download islamic studies mcqs in pdf pakmcqs. mcqs for islamic studies css forums. urdu islamic studies mcqs page 6 ebook. urdu islamic studies mcqs.

PPSC MCQS Jobs App is one stop solution app for PPSC/PCS/PMS exam test preparation and Jobs It is suitable for PCS(Provincial Civil Service), PMS (Provincial Management Service), Punjab civil service exams.

It provides PPSC free online MCQs, Quiz, Notes, PCS/PMS past papers and papers sample guide. PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) exams test contains 25+ categories. Mcqs: Total Question: Total Marks: Total Time: 25 Minutes: The basic information test about various aspects of Zakat in Islam is given below on this page through which you can check your level of knowledge about one of the five Arkans of Islam.

Questions related to this are often part of different general knowledge related exams which makes it pretty important to prepare for them and. - Zakat Mcqs In Urdu Pdf Free Download © 2012-2021